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BH Fitness treadmills are unique to this brand, one of the most betting on innovation in fitness machines since the last years. They offer excellent quality, high strength treadmills and very attractive designs, but also try to improve the experience of athletes including systems that make their lives easier when it comes to sports. For example, they have been one of the first brands of fitness machines to incorporate interactive systems into their products. The creation of iConcept, a system created by BH Fitness that allows the user to use the Internet to improve their workouts, has revolutionized the world of fitness. Among other things, the athlete can download thousands of different workouts on the treadmill and track their workouts as if they were being helped by a personal trainer.

BH Fitness is a brand with great prestige, as it is one of the largest gym machine factories in the world and has specialized mainly in the manufacture of treadmills since 1960. In addition to manufacturing products for commercial use (professional machines for Gyms and hotels, for example), also have a wide range of fitness machines for domestic use.

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  • BH Fitness Mercury 6.0

    BH Fitness Magna PRO - G6508D

    Regular Price: £3,799.00

    Special Price £3,195.00

    BH Fitness Mercury 6.0 treadmill is designed for tall people as its extra large tread makes it easy for people of high...
  • BH F5 TFT

    BH F5 TFT

    BH F5 TFT is designed for intensive training as it includes a powerful 4 hp motor. In addition, it is designed so that...
  • BH F4 TFT

    BH F4 TFT

    This treadmill is designed for intensive training (7 to 20 hours a week) from home. BH has taken into account its...

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3 Item(s)