I am Marcos Camín and I am a personal trainer. I help all types of athletes achieve their goals in the best possible way, and I am often asked about treadmills. There is much to talk about these machines, but ... are they really useful for training and are they suitable for achieving our goals?


There are innumerable treadmills, of all kinds, but all fulfill the same function. In this article I will not deal with a specific brand or model, but all existing treadmills will come into play.


Next, I will arrange them in order of importance, in my opinion, the 3 most outstanding advantages on each device and its use in training.



A treadmill lets you train at the intensity, speed and inclination you want. In the streets you are at the mercy of the layout of the land, ups, downs, curves, etc. This will cause you to not be able to run at your planned heart rate or suddenly you are up with a slope that breaks your rhythm and annoys you.


The treadmill lets you choose the inclination, so you can run on a slope as long as you want without have to go down to go back up again, as would happen if you ran in the streets. It also allows you to choose the speed at which you want to run fully, as it forces you to keep striding at that rate, avoiding that without realizing you suddenly are almost walking and demanding a heart rate increase according to the exercise you are doing.


Accurate speed and inclination to be able to train in a systematic and controlled way: there is no doubt that you have fulfilled the task scheduled for the session!

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When running on a treadmill, there is no discomfort of having to dodge people or stop at traffic lights. You can run the time you want in a straight line, without having to slow down and break your rhythm and without the possibility of running into stones, steps or curbs.


In addition, for days of cold and icy wind in the winter, and days of excessive heat in summer, it is an excellent option to avoid possible mishaps due to extreme temperatures such as injuries, pulling, contractures, voltage drops, cooling, Aphonia, joint pain, etc.


And if you are also doing a slower session, at a gentle trot, you can be watching your favorite series in the meantime, so do not get bored and do not repeat all the songs on the ipod that you already know them all. In the street would be difficult to carry a TV while you run, first because of it weighs and then the possibility of tripping and falling to the ground!


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Some treadmills, in fact the vast majority already, can measure heart rate and calories consumed.

You have to keep in mind that each person is a world, I tell you as a personal trainer that I am: we work very differently from each other. What makes you burn 200 kcal to another makes you burn 600 kcal. Therefore in the measurement of parameters it is not necessary to generalize, since it is necessary to take into account the subject's sport history, its activity level, its circumstances, its somatotype, medical history, metabolism, etc.


However, measuring these parameters can serve as a general guide to the intensity and the burning of calories, so it is an advantage that the treadmills offer.


In addition, to perform a spirometry test to know your aerobic power or to perform a tread test and stroke technique, it is necessary to use a treadmill, as the subject must remain in place while performing physical exercise to be able to measure The different physical, physiological and technical parameters, which would be impossible if we ran on solid ground.


Here I have outlined 3 main reasons for using a treadmill. It is now in your hands to know this device, to experience it, to become familiar with it and to give it the proper use to improve your health and fitness! .