How to buy treadmills?



Do you want to know what to ask? Where to start looking? We propose that you continue reading and inform yourself as much as you can. We show you the best treadmills for you to choose which one suits your needs best. To know more you can click on each product and you will get more details. In addition, you can find much more information, tips and comparatives if you navigate this blog.


The key: Information, search for it; Make sure the treadmill fits your needs to get the best you can in exchange for the money you plan to invest.What treadmill brand should I buy? What should I look for to buy a treadmill? How much should I spend?

As a personal trainer I must say that I get these kinds of questions very frequently. But in my recommendation I will not refer to specific brands, since my experience tells me that you should not buy a treadmill based only on the name. There are other factors that I believe should not be overlooked ... The first thing I ask is what is your goal? And I ask you because if your goal is just to walk a couple of miles regularly, at a pace that increases your heart rate, the characteristics of your treadmill will be determined, and will vary greatly comparing to a treadmill more suitable for people who are willing to train for marathons.

Instead, if you are training to go hiking or cycling on vacation, and you want to increase your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your legs, you should look for a treadmill that meets those precise characteristics and ensure that you can get what you need. The second question, how much money are you willing to spend? I always recommend that you calculate well and spend as much as you are willing to pay because, usually, from a good investment will obtain more optimal results. However, you can also find good machines below £1000.

Attention: it is not strange or unusual to pay more than £3000 and end up buying a machine that does not meet our expectations because it does not provide the functions that you think it should have. Therefore, it is best to inquire and ask yourself a couple of questions before you actually spend on it. We usually suggest spending somewhere in between, since most people can not afford to pay £3000 for a treadmill and I'm sure you can get a really good treadmill for less than that. Also, be aware that nowadays you can get great deals on the Internet.

Warranty: The purchase of a "teletienda" treadmill will surely give a warranty very different from what brands like Life Fitness offers and, that same store where it is bought can solve - or not - problems and doubts. There are many advantages and disadvantages that we must take into account to make the best purchase according to our budget and expectations. So ask, read and find out before buying a treadmill. And one aspect that we must take into account is always to ask for the warranty, even if the price of the treadmill is £500 (I always recommend not going below that limit, £500 at least, otherwise the quality of a treadmill can be as bad as its durability, and we know that cheap usually end up being more expensive).

In any case, you can not expect to obtain the same warranty from a £3000 treadmill, if you are buying one of £500. Finally, the warranty usually have a validity period of 2 years. But if it were the case that the treadmill that meets the characteristics you want has a warranty of only one year, I would buy it anyway.


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