Life Fitness F3 with Track Plus Console

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Life Fitness F3 with Track Plus Console

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A complete treadmill equipped with Life Fitness's cutting-edge technology. Discover how the interaction of the Track Plus console gives a quality plus to your training. In addition, FlexDeck technology absorbs impact from each stroke and minimizes the risk of joint injuries.

Take your training to the next level. Without a doubt, the Life Fitness F3 with Track Plus console is one of the most complete treadmills you can take home for a price that is more than reasonable. It is an elegant and robust machine capable of satisfying the needs of domestic use. In addition, the Track Plus console is a very interesting addition as they make training an interactive and interesting work.

One of the most interesting features of the Track Plus console is the compatibility with smartphones and tablets of technology IOS and Android. This is a very unique innovation since it offers the possibility to customize the training. Although, for those who want to follow a more standard work routine can follow the programs offered by Live Fitness. The pre-programmed sessions focus mainly on a specific job for that training (such as fat burning routine, cardio, bodybuilding workouts ...). Even for those that the doctor prescribes to walk a little every day, there is A special program in which to complete cardio activities of very low intensity.

Although if for some reason this tape is of first quality is for its spectacular comfort. Life Fitness has developed a patented system to minimize wear of the knees during a run on a treadmill. FlexDeck is a unique absorption system that reduces the impact of joints up to 30% more than the rest of conventional treadmills.

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Life Fitness F3 with Track Plus Console

A magnificent treadmill for private use. It seems to me that the guys at Life Fitness have worked very well on the design and interaction of the machine. Besides, I like it because he takes care of his knees. Excellent!

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