Life Fitness T3 with Go console

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Life Fitness T3 with Go console

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This high-end treadmill from Life Fitness, which won the Best Buy award in 2016, has an elegant and versatile design that Makes it perfect for any environment. In addition to the benefits of this particular model is guaranteed the benefits of the brand. The T3 with GO console has advanced features that make it one of the favorites in the market.

The T3 treadmill with Life Fitness GO console has a wide and comfortable surface of 153 cm x 51 cm. Ideal for tall corridors (over 190 cm) or for those who simply need their space to run comfortably. FlexDeck® impact absorption system reduces joint impact by 30%. So, the more professional runners, will greatly appreciate using this machine on days that train at home.

With a top speed of 19 km / h, and with an inclination level of up to 15% and a 3.0CV motor, the T3 allows you to exercise at a high level and get great results. It is the perfect ribbon for runners who need to meet their running needs in a professional and complete way.

It has heart rate sensors on handlebars, in addition to the wireless receiver, and ergonomically located controls that facilitate navigation. It also incorporates the Go System® quick start function that allows you to start exercising with a single button.

The GO console includes 13 predefined exercises that incorporate trainings according to heart rate or goals, among others. You can also customize up to 2 profiles so you have more control of your routines and evolution. It has a system of reduction of consumption when the machine is in standby that reduces the energy consumption to a great extent.

Includes cup and reading stand and a tray to attach accessories to the front.


Features and Specifications

  • Motor: 3.0 CV (6.0 CV en pico) con MagnaDrive®
  • Engine: 3.0 hp (6.0 HP in peak)Consola GO
  • Speed: 0.8 - 19km / h
  • Inclination: 0-15%
  • Default programs: 13
  • Running surface: 153cm x 51cm
  • Heart rate control: touch sensor and wireless sensor
  • Domestic use
  • Dimensions: L 202cm x 88cm x 147cm
  • Weight: 111 kg
  • Weight max. User: 159kg
  • LifeSpring, 10 years in motor, 5 years in electrical and mechanical components, 3 years in console and 1 year in labor


What is said about this treadmill

What the users detacan of the tape is, that has a wide surface, is very comfortable and has excellent cushioning uina. Also noteworthy is the powerful engine, very quiet, which makes it ideal for both home and professional use. The console is very easy to use and intuitive, as well as comfortable.

Nuestra opinión

Life Fitness T3 with Go console

In addition to the extensive warranty offered, we highlight the high quality of its materials and the power of its engine which, complemented by a superb cushioning, make the T3 a worthy winner of the Best Buy award in its category. The GO console is the simplest version but still incorporates all the necessary functions to do some complete workouts.

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