Life Fitness T3 with Track console

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Life Fitness T3 with Track console
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Life Fitness offers a new high-end model. This is the T3 treadmill with Track console, a very functional and versatile model. It has been our favorite tape for several consecutive months and has managed to be in the top sales in many occasions. It is made with pieces of the highest quality. This shows the pre-lubricated rolling surface or the powerful 3 HP engine.

The Life Fitness T3 treadmill with Track console comes with a 3.0 hp engine that reaches a top speed of 19 km / h and a slope of up to 15%. This will allow the rider to maintain long sessions at a high career pace. It is especially suitable for those experienced fins (marathon and half marathon) who need to meet their career needs with a tape capable of following their pace. In this way, the user can develop high level and high intensity exercises in a comfortable, safe and Avoiding any kind of vibration or discomfort.

In addition, the running surface of 153cm x 51cm allows any type of user, regardless of height, to work comfortably. The T3 also provides excellent shock absorption with its patented FlexDeck system. Compared to other treadmills, those with FlexDeck technology reduce joint impact by almost 30%.

With the Track Console, the user can design up to four different profiles, so that the whole family can have an individual profile with which to follow the progress of their physical exercise, consulting individual training statistics and being able to save up to three personalized trainings per profile. Users can also create an unlimited number of personalized workouts through the web and the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer application, which allows you to follow custom routines, track accumulated and burned calories, and share cardio and / or strength results with Facebook friends.

And to top it off, training programs and results can be transferred from the treadmill to any site using the USB port available or using the free application for iPhone or iPod Touch. The Track console also includes a dual heart rate control system. One touch, located on the handles of the handlebar, which picks up the pulse of the user's hands, and a wireless one, through a chest strap.

With up to 13 predefined programs, the user can exercise what he needs most, and can also focus on specific heartbeats to stay in the right heart area during exercise, and make calorie burning more efficient. As for the characteristics of the console itself, it is very readable, with buttons placed ergonomically and with adequate lighting. In addition, it includes a bottle holder and an integrated lectern for reading.


Features and Specifications

Cinta de correr Life Fitness T3 con Consola Track

  • Engine: 3.0 HP
  • Speed: 0.8 - 19km / h
  • Inclination: 0-15%
  • Default programs: 13
  • Running surface: 153cm x 51cm
  • Heart rate control: touch sensor and wireless sensor
  • Domestic use
  • Folding: yes
  • Dimensions: L 202cm x 87cm x 146cm
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Weight max. User: 159kg
  • Warranty: LifeSpring frame and shock absorbers, 10 years in motor, 5 years in electrical and mechanical components, and 3 years in labor
  • Accessories: iPod connectivity and MP3 players
  • Free Installation

What is said about this treadmill

Both clients and experts in the fitness industry have come to the conclusion that Life Fitness offers one of the best treadmills in the entire market. And the T3 with console track is a very good model for the home. Users who have tried this treadmill have highlighted the wide running surface and the ability to store information from up to four different user profiles. Many of them have also claimed that, despite expensive tapes, they offer excellent, quiet and powerful engines with ergonomic consoles that combine design, technology and functionality.

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Life Fitness T3 with Track console

We emphasize above all the fabulous guarantee that it offers, for life for the frame and structure of the treadmill, in addition to the shock absorbers, 10 years in the engine, 5 years in the electrical parts and mechanical parts, and a year of hand of work. We are aware that perhaps the price may be high for some pockets, but we believe that in relation to its quality, is a very appropriate price.

Regular Price: £3,295.00

Special Price £2,495.00

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