Life Fitness T5 GO Treadmill

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Life Fitness T5 GO Treadmill

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A professional treadmill that will let you forget everything while you exercise. Very complete and dynamic, with a multitude of exercises, a wide racing surface and an engine that supports intense sessions.

The Life Fitness T5 Go is a treadmill designed for the user and their well-being. It allows customization in speed and incline that are adjustable, as well as the possibility of carrying out personalized workouts. With a top speed of 19 km / h and a 15% incline, it allows to face each session as a new challenge.

These features allow the most demanding racers to meet their needs with a machine that follows the race pace. Especially, those background racers who want to combine their workouts outdoors with monitored and controlled treadmill sessions.

The user can control their heart rate thanks to the sensors located on the handlebar or the wireless heart rate monitoring system with the telematics band. Its Energy Saving Mode reduces the machine's consumption by up to 90%. When activated, when the equipment is switched on but not in use, consumption is reduced.


Consola T5 Go

The LCD has an easy-to-read interface. It features the quick-start Go System ™ feature that remembers preferred speeds and allows you to set up 3 custom speed and incline presets that start with a single button. The console is very easy to handle and program and allows the recognition of previous sessions so you can have a strict control of your progress.

In relation to the previous thing, to emphasize that also it counts on a Virtual Reality that will take to the user to run where it wishes and with who wants. Admeás, other interesting point is the wide race surface. Its 152x56 will allow runners with more embergadura (1.90 and up) to run with total tranquility.

Even if the user worries how the knees will react with the race plane, this treadmill will also amaze you. It has an exclusive FlexDeck damping model that allows up to 3 possible suspension settings. Thus, the rider will be able to choose the way to run according to his comfort. Best of all, their advanced system enables silent, vibration-free training. A real revolution.

Perhaps, the only drawback is that it is not a folding tape. Although, if there is no problem of space, it is preferable to opt for a tape that does not have to arm and disarm constantly. This can end up damaging the operation and affecting the quality of its cushoning.


Characteristics and specifications of the machine

  • Engine: 3.0 HP Magna Drive or 6.0 HP in peak
  • Speed: 0.8 kms / h
  • Inclination: 15%
  • Running surface: 152cm x 56cm
  • Programs: Unlimited
  • Heart Rate Control: Tacit Measurement and Wireless Band
  • Go Console
  • Application: Professional
  • Folding: No
  • Dimensions: 203cm x 81cm x 152cm
  • Maximum user weight: 181 kg
  • Weight: 155 Kg
  • Warranty: Lifetime in frame and shock absorbers, 10 years in engine and 3 in components and labor
  • Energy saving
  • Free Installation

What is said about the machine

It is a very good machine where the user is the most important and high customization makes you never get tired of it. The high guarantee offered is a tranquility and shows the quality of the brand. 

Nuestra opinión

Life Fitness T5 GO Treadmill

A high quality treadmill that allows the user to forget that he is exercising. Thanks to its virtual reality program you can choose where to run and even with whom, all this in favor of greater interactivity and diversity in training.

To this end, they also contribute their selection of unlimited and customized programs that can be downloaded from the web page to the USB that connects to the treadmill or through the free application for Apple.

In addition, its energy-saving feature reduces consumption by up to 90%.

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