Sole Fitness TT8 2019

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Sole Fitness TT8 2019
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Presented as one of the best bets on which Sole has embarked, the Sole Fitness TT8 model surpassed all expectations by being among the most popular professional treadmills of 2016. It consists of a 4.0 CHP engine, provides a performance that keeps the Horsepower of constant form in addition to a wide surface of race of 560 x 1525 mm, a LCD screen of 10,1 " with endless benefits and an exceptional design, we are before a great model with guarantee of life.

Why we like the Sole TT8 (2017)

The Sole Fitness TT8 is a high-end model, the most complete professional treadmills, oriented to the experienced runner and the private gym but with features that have nothing to envy to the professional machinery. Many experienced users of gyms have been surprised by the wide range of features offered by the TT8 model, which includes a negative slope system (up to -6) and increases to positive (+10) with 30 adaptive intervals. Additionally, it has a personalization routine system and registrable in memory.

With fantastic finishes of welded steel frames with powder paint and an exceptional control panel, Sole Fitness TT8 is one of the most outstanding professional treadmills in terms of aesthetics, turning the runner's race into a true experience. In addition, the Sole TT8 model has a music storage system adaptable to your iPod, as well as a bluetooth system to synchronize with your smartphone the tones that more distant you arrive. And in case you prefer not to use headphones, it has speakers.

As another distinctive feature, the 10.1 "LCD of the Sole Fitness TT8 offers an advanced graphic system with 10 versatile programs (including a manual mode) for fat burning, cardio or fitness training. , Your programs, routine systems and cardiac challenges that can be synchronized to be displayed on your tablet or smarthone.

Consola Sole Fitness TT8 2016

Features and Specifications

  • Engine: 4.0 hp
  • Speed: 1-19kmh
  • Inclination: -6 - 15%
  • Stroke surface: 560 x 1525 mm
  • Heart rate control: yes
  • Programs: 10
  • Domestic use
  • Dimensions: 1981 x 914 x 1473 mm
  • Folding: no
  • Weight: 322 kg
  • Weight max. User: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: Lifetime in engine and structure, 2 years in labor

Compared to other models, Sole Fitness TT8 is shown far superior to other ribbons like the Sole S77. On the other hand, it remains comparable to the models of professional treadmills  F85 and F80, although the latter does not seem endurance and power enough to withstand the performance and durability required by a private gym at home. It has the Cushion Flex damping system of Whisper Deck, which means a considerable reduction of 40% of the impact of the footprint while the competition usually offers a 15% absorption.

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Sole Fitness TT8 2019

All in all, the Sole Fitness TT8 is one of the best high-end treadmills for your private gym, a first-rate professional treadmill with nothing to envy to professional gyms and brilliant finishes that will make your careers Routine in day-to-day experiences.

Regular Price: £3,495.00

Special Price £2,895.00

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