Where to buy?

Choosing where to buy a treadmill depends mainly on the budget you are willing to invest. If you prefer quality and a safe purchase ahead of all, it is possible that the amount to spend will be greater than if you were willing to take the risk of buying in a less specialized or reliable store, but with surprisingly lower prices .

Internet is an huge showcase, where in seconds you can find hundreds of websites and online stores that sells treadmills. But keep in mind that, before you buy the best priced treadmill, you should consider some issues like structure, performance, warranty, engine, console, etc.

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One of the aspects to keep in mind is that if the model you have found is only available in one or two points of sale or suppliers, it can be a sign that the treadmill you willing to buy has become obsolete or similar models have exceeded it in features and benefits. It is still possible that you continue to be interested in its value for money, but in any case, consult the warranty.

The issue of warranty is more than important. If at a later time your treadmill ceases to function properly, and the machine is out of warranty, you will have all expenses for repairs and replacement of components and parts. And, on the other hand, also make sure that you will have no problem getting these parts and components that you may need at any given time.

Be aware that if you buy a treadmill that is no longer manufactured, your spare parts may not be manufactured either. If you find a supplier that offers popular brands of treadmills at a much cheaper price than any other store, keep in mind that, even though you are buying the same machine with the same features and specifications, this supplier will not be able to offer you the full warranty.

Most of the machines that we discuss and review here, come with a warranty of at least two years in structure, components, motor ... If you are about to buy a treadmill with only one year warranty, there is no doubt that you could be taking a risk. Yes, the purchase may be round at the outset, but you should know that it could be more expensive in a long term, because if your machine is damaged or broken, the cost of repair can be very high after one year

You must also take into account the different types of deliveries. This point may seem unimportant, but it is not. Many manufacturers fulfill the guarantee only if the delivery requirements are fulfilled: carriers that specialize in large and heavy equipment ... Many retailers have cheaper prices but can not guarantee that the shipment meets the requirements established by the distributor of the brand and in order to save money they use standard delivery methods.

Treadmills are bulky and heavy, and if damage occurs during transportation you may find yourself in a complicated situation. The manufacturer may declare the warranty void if the correct delivery procedures have not been complied with. The retailer's insurance may refuse to pay for the same reason and, in the meantime, you are left with a damaged treadmill taking up space at your home!